16th December 2021

It’s not a trend

“We are focused on creating an opportunity-rich environment for various profiles.  This is reflected in our workforce.”
An Rietjens  

In this op-ed, our Creative Director An Rietjens shares her thoughts on our diversity discourse and why she believes it not only strengthens us as an agency, but also deeply and positively impacts our clients.  

Diversity is a challenge. Diversity is fun. Diversity is definitely here to stay. That’s not a marketing insight, it’s inherent to our nature, see Darwin. From this perspective, we also know that a rich diversity is essential for our planet. And if that’s true for the whole planet, why should it be any different for the business world? All sorts of things are said and written about diversity. Could I write an op-ed about it? Yes, of course. Like everyone else, I have an opinion on it. But how can you contribute nowadays to a discourse in which everyone already seems to have an opinion? Maybe talk less about it and take action? We’ve already started doing just that at Serviceplan. In the first place from our position as employer. We are focused on creating an opportunity-rich environment for various profiles.This is reflected in our workforce. Tanguy Georis, our Chief Talent Officer, will share some figures with you in this edition, that we take pride in.

However we are not complacent. Because diversity is a constant evolution. We’re going to keep working on an inclusive culture in different ways. Is it easy? No, it isn’t. Every individual, every team and every decision-making level has its specific challenges. And yes, so do each of our clients.

Therefore, we also see our own
diversity and inclusivity journey as a benefit to our clients. A broader perspective is an essential advantage at times of creative exploration. And we will develop to be an even stronger partner throughout the process: with knowledge and experience but also with a great deal of empathy for (niche) target groups and their preferred channels.Finally, just as for our planet, greater diversity is proving to be a success factor* for companies in their business results. At our “House”, we are pleased to see this reflected in our figures. Diversity is part of knowing that your results rely on the strength of your human capital. And what was that wise tactic when investing capital called again? Indeed… diversification.

Our team at the House of Communication wishes you a warm end of year.

It’s part of our DNA

When I started two years ago in my role as Chief Talent Officer, I quickly realized that winning organizations stand for strong values and live up to those values day by day. After a couple of months, it became clear to me that diversity is at the heart of our values at House of Communication Brussels. Indeed, when we take the time to analyze the population working in our agencies, we notice that among more than 120 people, there are 55% men and 45% women, more than 14 represented nationalities, more than 13 languages spoken on a daily basis, colleagues of many religions and different sexual orientations, more extraverted colleagues and more introverted ones, all within 4 different generations. We are the daily proof that diversity is an integral part of our DNA.

We are a reflection of the society in which we live. This diversity represents the population that lives in Belgium as well as in Brussels, the second most cosmopolitan city in the world.

This diversity allows us to be pioneers in innovation. Indeed, a group of similar individuals has a greater chance of staying in their old ways and not developing new ideas. Innovation is key to us. This is particularly the case at the Mediascale agency, which develops, among other things, models for analyzing the results of communication campaigns.

“This diversity is a reflection of the Belgian population and therefore of the consumers of the brands for which we work.”

This diversity is a reflection of the Belgian population and therefore of the consumers of the brands for which we work. It consequently reflects the customers of these brands, which is key to developing campaigns close to our targets.

Finally, I am convinced that organizations for which diversity is part of their core values, adapt more easily to the challenges of the future because they have a more global understanding of the world around them.

It is for all these reasons that I strive every day to develop HR practices that are ethical, inclusive and non-discriminatory. Whether in the process of recruiting new colleagues, in discussions for promotions or salary increases; only skills, attitude and results are taken into account when making choices in these areas.

On top of this, shortly after their arrival at the House of Communication, our colleagues discover their MBTI profile (read our other article in this VeryHOCNews). This test is done on a voluntary basis and allows us to better understand their preferences and those of their colleagues in order to adapt to them.

This way of doing things allows us to have more fulfilled and happy colleagues, because they know that objectivity is key to us.

Tanguy Georis,
Chief Talent Officer

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