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Easter Celebrations

18 April 2022

Sunday is Easter! Whether you (still) celebrate it or not, most of us enjoy that extra day off on Monday to be with family or catch up on other social activities. We asked a few of our colleagues about their Easter memories, and here's what they answered.


Coffee moments

12 April 2022

It’s no secret that we love a good coffee at the agency. Our colleagues Berra (Data and insights Manager) and Krystsina (Graphic Designer) decided to surprise the rest of the colleagues with a Turkish coffee tasting and a little tutorial!


Our D&I Journey

1st April 2022

Today is April’s fools, but that doesn’t stop us from working very seriously on inclusion and diversity.
Read about what we’re up to now.


World Poetry Day

21st March 2022

Today is World Poetry Day! As it’s also the International Day Against Racial Discrimination, some of our colleagues (new and experienced poets) wrote a few poems on the topic of diversity. Have a look at the results!


International Day Against Racial Discrimination

21st March 2022

Today is the International Day Against Racial Discrimination. Our creative team worked on an ad in the well known PUB magazine, where they integrated a message of awareness on racial discrimination and the collective strength and goodwill to do better.


International Women's Rights Day

08 March 2022

Time to celebrate women today! International Womens Rights Day is super important at Serviceplan. Why ? Because we believe that no one should be discriminated for being themselves. That’s why we decided to celebrate by putting a few of our women colleagues in the spotlight.


International Mother Language Day

21 February 2022

Today, at Mother Language Day, we want to take the time to honor and celebrate the various languages spoken inside our agency.


Valentine's Day

14th February 2022

Today is Valentine’s Day! We asked members of our team what “love” means to them, as it’s a powerful word with many possible meanings to each one of us. Find out what our people have to say and join us as we celebrate love, in all shapes and forms!


Edito on Black History Month

8th February 2022

The entire month of February is internationally known to be Black History Month. Mostly celebrated by African-Americans, this month of celebration as well as activism, also has importance over here in Europe. We talked with colleague Géraldine on her personal views on the subject.


Happy (Lunar) New Year!

1st February 2022

We kick off 2022 appropriately with New Years celebrations. Not the usual one (we all know how that goes), but our very own Lunar New Year celebration. Join us as our Project Manager Kieu Tien teaches us how this day is generally celebrated in Vietnam.


Our website is live!

10 January 2022

This month, we’ve been mostly working behind the scenes. We are proud to announce the launch of our new website, completely dedicated to our year long diversity campaign. Come back frequently to stay up to date with our latest posts about what’s living in the hearts and minds of our team at Serviceplan Brussels.

Christmas wishes with a twist

16th December 2021

To kick off our year-round celebration in December already, we created our very own x-mas wishes with a twist.  
With these alternative Season’s Greetings, we want to wish everyone a warm and happy end of 2021.
Whichever gender you identify as, you are worth celebrating.


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