21 June 2022

Twice a week at Serviceplan, Yoga teacher Angela Kindts comes to our House of Communication to teach a class to our colleagues. Since it's International Day of Yoga, we asked her some questions about her passion. And of course, we asked our colleagues about their experiences participating in these classes. 

SP: Hi Angela! How long have you been practicing yoga? 
Angela: “I discovered yoga 16 years ago during a burn-out.
By pushing my body and my mind to the limit, I found myself in total stop. It was no longer possible for me to work and live a normal life. I was completely exhausted and it was during this exhaustion and this compulsory break that I found my therapy. 
In my personal experience, I reconnected with my innerself through the practice of yoga and meditation. I regained my balance and energy. I also learned to listen to myself.”

Later I had the opportunity to travel to India where I followed different yoga, meditation and ayurveda trainings from where I am now a certified Yoga Teacher.

SP: How long have you been a teacher?  
Angela: “I have been teaching yoga for 8 years now in my Body & Mind space and in companies. By combining yoga, conscious movement,breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation, I give everyone the tools to learn how to reduce stress, calm the mind and generate feelings of physical and emotional well-being.”

SP: What do your yoga teachings bring to the workfloor?
: First and foremost, to offer everyone a time out, a time for themselves.
What I propose with yoga and mindfulness exercises as well as breathing techniques, allows everyone to become aware of their own stress level and to apply the appropriate tools to reduce this stress. Overtime, these techniques make the mind clearer, decisions are more in line with the issues at hand and communication is more effective.”

The benefits of these courses are numerous, to sum up a few:

SP: Can anyone benefit from it?
: “Yoga teaches us to get back in touch with our body and is for everyone; there is no age limit or restriction of health or flexibility.”
“Initially, the benefits will be mainly physical: flexibility, mobility, strength, vitality, ability to relax, better sleep, reduction of the after-effects of old injuries and, in general, better health thanks to the toning up of the muscles, the skeleton and the cardiovascular,nervous, immune, endocrine and digestive systems, etc.”

SP: What kind of Yoga do you teach in HOC?
: “On Mondays, I teach Consciousness Yoga Pilates. As the name suggests, Yoga Pilates is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates. Indeed, with a mix of Yoga postures and Pilates exercises and all centered on a yogic breathing, this practice allows a real work in flexibility and in depth on the body and the spirit. Practiced in a gentle and slow way, Yoga Pilates offers multiple benefits. Both relaxing and invigorating, the sequence takes place with a particular focus on breathing, concentration and alignment as well as on muscle strengthening (in the transverse muscles and the abdomen, buttocks and thighs).

Accessible to all, this practice allows a deep work on the muscles, the bone structure, as well as on mental relaxation.”

“On Wednesdays, I teach Yin yoga meditation. Based on the principles of Taoist Yoga, Yin Yoga is divided into sequences punctuated by a few postures, often on the floor, held for durations varying from 3 to 5 minutes per posture. With the aim of balancing body and mind, Yin Yoga is practised on the basis of the energy that passes through the meridians, in other words, through the yin organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen and liver) as well as the bones and ligaments. Calming, revitalising and accessible to all, this practice is beneficial for releasing tension, calming the mind, improving blood circulation and therefore the oxygenation of our body, without neglecting its boosting virtues which allow vital energy (called "prana") to circulate freely throughout your being.” 

“I like to give all the yoga classes and personally before practicing a class I listen to each person to adapt the class that best suits me.” 

SP: Thank you so much, Angela! 

"It's the perfect disconnect during a busy week. A moment to completely relax and be able to start again full of energy." - Laura, Account Executive
“Body and mind, holy and kind. Taking time for your body and your mind will help you reach your goals and live a healthy life. Yoga is an amazing way to take care of both. The fact we have it in our workplace clearly shows the management cares about our wellbeing.” - Nick, Account Executive
In my current life schedule which is very busy, the opportunity to do yoga in the agency is a huge chance. Angela teaches in a way that makes it accessible for everyone and is an excellent teacher. Her classes are energizing and fun. I also really like the meditation at the end, it leaves me feeling very relaxed and centered.

Yoga brings me centering and mental and physical balancethat allows me to continue the day in a much more enlightened and efficient way. " - Natalia Oyarzun, Creative Graphic Designer

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