21st October 2022

Find out if you guessed them well below!

Laura Campos, Account Executive

Dog: Nova, Border collie x Stafford,  2 years old 

We got Nova from my sister’s friend and immediately fell in love with her.  She’s a smart dog with a lot of energy. She has little patience and always wants to be go on a walk or play. In a sense I would say that we have a good fit as I'm also impatient, but I can't level up to her energy! Her smile and unconditional love are my favourite thing about her. We love going on long walks or small road trips to the Ardennes.

Charlotte Moyson, Junior Hybrid Channel Planner

Dog: Satine, English Cocker Spaniel, 9 months old 

We got an English Cocker Spaniel because it’s my mom’s favourite breed, she already had one when she was younger. Satine is a crazy one, who is also very friendly and loves everybody – dogs and humans. It’s like she is always happy. She does a lot of stupid things as well though, so sometimes we call her Satan. I think she fits my personality because I too am always happy and ready to go do something. I love that she always wants to play and cuddle. Also, she’s just super cute! Our favourite thing to do is play, cuddle and go out. I take here everywhere I can.

Loïc Matagne, Managing Director

Dog: Stella, French Bulldog, 3 years old  

We got Stella because we thought she’s the cutest puppy in the world. Stella enlightens the house, and we like that she looks different than other breeds. We can read human-like expressions in her face. It's probably honest to finally admit that Stella was able to train us as their company humans. It probably coming from our own personalities: one cannot succeed to have authority on us …(except for Stella, apparently).  What I love most about her is how she can't bark properly except while sleeping. Walking her is also a great experience.  She does this dance like"hey watch me I am Queen Stella and I walk my human".

Nancy Delhalle, CMO

Dog: Ubert Thissen, Little  Münsterlander, 1 year and 3 months old 

We adopted our first dog, Gus, to expand our family and empower our daughters. Gus came from a shelter and when we adopted him, we didn't know this breed. Once you know a Münsterländer, you don't want any other dogs because they are perfect.
As a hunting dog, he likes to run and needs to exert himself, but will also appreciate a good nap on the sofa or in his basket. He knows how to stay calmat home and can live in an apartment. He has a lot of energy, and nothing gives him more pleasure than to walk around and be able to sniff everything incomplete freedom. It is a dog that swims very well. The Little Münsterländer is an intelligent and easy-to-train dog. Perhaps he looks a little like us. Peter and I can move a lot, like to chase (the customer) but can also spend hours quietly reading a good book. And I'm a former swimming champion! If I’d have to name what I love about him, I’d say: everything! The fact that he is so human, funny and sticks to me like glue. I just love walking in the woods or watching a movie with him.

Gaëlle D’Haese, Account Manager

Dog: Silver, French Bulldog,3 years old  

We previously had a French Bulldog we sadly lost and after 1 year we decided it was time for a new buddy in the house. Silver is very stubborn, doesn't listen, is always looking for food and loves to snuggle and sleep. I'd say I could recognise myself in some of that 😉. My most favourite thing about her is the snuggles and her scent. We love playing in the garden with her toys and meet children on a walk. She adores children.

Magali De Clerck, Hyrid Channel Manager

Dog: Tommy, unknown mix, 8 years old 

We got Tommy from a shelter. He is very kind and love our 3- and 1-year old kids. He’s always happy to see us and always ready for a walk. I love that!

Jolien Lamberigts, Content Writer

Dog:  Lionel, Chihuahua, 4 years old

I’ve always loved dogs, so I can’t imagine my life without them. I got Lionel in a difficult time of my life, for emotional support. I lived in a small space back then so I figured I would get the smallest dog possible so it would seem to him as if he lived large :p. Lionel is quite antisocial; he has no interest in other dogs. With humans, he’ll need some time to warm up. He seems all sweet and innocent, but he usually stirs up trouble. He’s brave for such a tiny dog though. I would say we might have some resemblances, bein rather small yet fiery. I love how attached he is to me. Wherever I go, he never leaves my side. It can seem annoying, but I think it’s super cute 😊. If I don’t trip over him. My favourite thing to do with him is play, it’s such a funny sight. He gets all worked up and becomes a tiny little fluffball running around in circles. And of course: cuddles on my lap! He’s a chihuahua after all 😉. Fun fact: I have 3 more dogs.

Stefany Vandenberge, Digital Project Manager

Dog: Taya, Border Collie, 2 years old  

I chose this breed because I like to walk in the forest with a dog and a Border Collie is a nice dog to listen and play with. She loves kids and she’s friendly. I feel like Taya fits my personality very well, she is calm but also likes to play, she listens well, and I can go anywhere with her. She gives me positive vibes, that’s the most important feeling! I love how she gives a lot of love and loves to be hugged! Our favourite thing to do together is chilling in the forest –enjoying the nature during a walk.

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