1st October 2022

Our Most Beloved Beverage
To many, a welcome saviour during the hustle and bustle of the day. Not everyone drinks coffee, but those who do, usually have very distinct preferences. Some swear by an iced latte, and others refuse anything that isn’t an original espresso. For World Coffee Day, we talked to some of our coffee-loving-colleagues about their coffee preferences.

An, Creative Leader
My favourite coffee is Dalgona coffee.
I stopped drinking coffee and alcohol. But what I like about this version is that it is sweet, nice and fluffy and ice cold! And, with almond milk, quite digestible.
Dalgona coffee originated in South Korea. There, YouTube influencer 뚤기ddulgi first posted a video making Dalgona coffee: coffee inspired by a South Korean toffee candy.
The best part? It’s super easy to make. Just take a bowl and mix 2 tablespoons of instant coffee (no other kind), 2 tablespoons of white sugar and 2 tablespoons of water. Then use a stand mixer to create a gigantically airy, creamy coffee mixture. Spoon this onto a glass filled 2/3 full of cold (almond) milk. And then you enjoy!

Line, Programmatic Expert
Drinking coffee is the favourite part of my day, I literally go to sleep excited about my morning coffee the next day! My go-to-coffee is an iced latte with either coconut or almond mil (depending on my mood). But a hot coffee is also needed sometimes. Coffee has always been a big part of my life, when I was a kid I remember my mom, my grandma and all my aunts preparing their coffee together on Saturday morning and sitting together for hours, just talking while enjoying their coffee. So, I guess I kind of know where my obsession came from. My dream is to open a small coffee shop back home, in Beirut, to spread the coffee addiction.

Rodrigo, Data Analytics Manager
I prefer my coffee black, no additions. To me, coffee is sacred, you don’t mix things up. I normally drink a lot of coffee, maybe even more than I should. It directly affects my mood, not having coffee in the start of my day affects it very much how moody I will beI somehow always had a big connection with coffee. The state where I’m from in Brazil, Minas Gerais, is the biggest producer of coffee in the world. It’s no wonder breakfast in Brazil is called ‘café da manhã’ (morning coffee). Coffee, or cafézinho (cafézin as we say) is almost an institution for us, all the meals revolve around coffee:
- breakfast: coffee and cheese
- break: coffee
- after lunch: coffee
- afternoon break: coffee
My uncle even wrote a book about it, it’s a photography book telling the story of how coffee got discovered back in Ethiopia and made its way to Brazil during the colonial times.On the professional side, one of our main clients is Italian coffee brand De’Longhi. My role with them is the data management, development and visualisation of a dashboard that includes everything we do across more than 30 agencies. We started with Europe and have recently onboarded the US and Canada. We are now going to start scoping the inclusion of the APA markets (Oceania and Asia Pacific).
It made me learn a lot about coffee and coffee machines. I didn’t know it was such a thing there are many types of machines! Still on the De’Longhi side, I followed up on the launch of the first global campaign of the brand. In order to reinforce their global positioning, they chose Brad Pitt as their ambassador. Cool, right?

Chloe, Marketing Manager
I drink coffee once a day during working days - I feel the need to after lunch time, because I usually have a period of 'laziness' where I have difficulties getting back to work. So, I try to boost myself with some caffeine!
I don't have a favourite coffee. When I buy coffee beans for my machine at home, I try something new every week. I think there are two reasons for this, first, I have a bad sense of taste and smell - when I was working as a barista at Starbucks, I can tell you that I passed my exam from guessing (not tasting) the taste of the coffee and I nearly didn't pass - and second, I think I just don't really care.
The only coffee I am VERY passionate about is my daily Italian latte when I'm on vacation in Italy. This one I can't live without, but I cannot tell you why. I just love it.

Enzo, Managing Partner Mediaplus
My favourite type of coffee is an espresso.To me, coffee is not just a drink. It is part of those little habits that brighten my day - in the morning at breakfast, after lunch and mid-afternoon. The ritual is always the same: I open the wafer; I sniff the scent that is released and watch the coffee cream form in a (strictly small) transparent cup.
As I said, coffee is not just a drink, it also has a social function. Neapolitan espresso originated in the 1800s with a double filter system "A Cuccumella". The iconic Neapolitan coffee pot. Coffee is therefore rooted in the culture of southern Italy, where everything is resolved with a cup of coffee. Remember: cappuccino after 11 o'clock, is not done. :-)

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